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VICE features Dirty Old Wedge

Thanks to VICE Sports for covering Dirty Old Wedge and interviewing Director Tim Burnham

The Wedge, off the coast of Orange County's densely populated Newport Beach, is unlike any other wave in the world. Appearing first as a ripple, the wave initially builds into the sort of two-foot mush a beginner might paddle into during his first surf lesson. Then with little warning, it quadruples in size and speed to create a hulking mountain of water with barrels that rarely have an exit. Where and how large the Wedge will break baffles even its most experienced aficionados. Newcomers often don't stand a chance of riding it, usually getting washed up on the shores of the multi-million-dollar American dream-home Riviera that inspired the television series "The O.C."....

Click here for full article:

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