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Something Kreative Studios is a production, distribution, sales and marketing company created by filmmakers for filmmakers. We specialize in creating, developing and distributing high quality film and television content around a high level element - whether celebrity talent or great underlying material - with a focus on "content for a cause". We believe in the power of media to entertain and motivate.


With diverse backrounds, strong industry relationships and distribution deals across all platforms, SKS has the flexibility to take on any project

we believe in, no matter the stage of development - from inception of an idea through to delivery and distribution.


At SK Distribution we know that no two films are alike, and we believe that each film deserves a unique distribution plan, tailored specifically to the filmmaker’s goals.  A filmmaker himself, SK co-founder Geoff Clark was dissatisfied with the lack of transparency and innovation in the distribution deals he received for his films.  This inspired Geoff and co-founder Lisa Lapan to form a company with a new business model addressing those concerns – a distribution company for filmmakers by filmmakers.

 For each film we acquire, we customize a plan in collaboration with the filmmaker, including festival strategy, marketing, and sales/distribution. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor a plan that is best for each of our filmmakers, while providing complete transparency on expenses and revenue.  With distribution deals across all platforms, great industry relationships and experienced in-house legal, SK empowers our filmmakers to create and carry out the distribution strategy their films deserve.

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