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Hollywood Reporter: 'Can You Dig This' LAFF review

Delila Vallot’s debut documentary profiles urban gardeners in South Los Angeles

Can You Dig This is neither the first documentary on the urban gardening movement, nor the first to focus on its impact in impoverished sections of Los Angeles. The Oscar-nominated The Garden, for one, chronicled the struggle to save a huge community garden from L.A. developers’ bulldozers. But Delila Vallot’s film operates on a more intimate scale. Focusing on smaller horticultural projects and a handful of gardeners, from tentative newbies to internationally recognized activists, she tells a story of uplift.

The advocacy doc makes persuasive points about the transformative value of growing your own food, for individuals and neighborhoods alike. It then repeats them, varying the angle ever so slightly. But even as Vallot goes over the same ground, her compassionate and discerning eye for detail makes for engaging and often delightful viewing. John Legend’s involvement as an executive producer will boost prospects for the doc, which received its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. ....con't

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