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Los Angeles Film Festival - Official Selection



MANCHILD is the story of Los Angeles basketball legend Schea Cotton, the best player you've never heard of, the "Lebron before Lebron". Highly touted as one of the best high school players of all time, he seemed destined to be an NBA star. But between influencers whispering in his ear, scandals and a hint of conspiracy, Schea Cotton never fully realized his dreams, instead becoming the cautionary tale for achieving too much, too soon. Today, having faced his inner demons and come full circle, Schea is an advocate for young athletes, helping them to navigate the many conflicting forces in their budding careers, and achieve their highest potential. A star studded documentary featuring Scoop Jackson, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, Ron Artest, Tyson Chandler, Jason Hart, Stephen Jackson and Elton Brand, to name a few.

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