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DAISY'S (2014)

Directed by Ciera Danielle Parrack
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Availble on iTunes, DVD and VOD in May 2014. 
Ciera Danielle (Child of God)
Jennifer Black (Harvest Moon)
Andrea Dantas (Screamplay, Riding 79)
Jim Parrack (True Blood, Battle LA)
Billy Joe Shaver (Crazy Heart, Second Hand Lions)

The innocent and hopeful Daisy is on her way out of an abusive past and has decided to follow her dream of becoming a 'major musical sensation' in Nashville. But Daisy's struggle to find real love within a world of broken people is perhaps too much for her optimistic heart to bear. Friendships are made, love is sought and transformation found. Daisy's is a magnificent film straight from the heart. Revolutionizing film making for themselves, Love and Lavaro film and 120 Productions has captured uniquely and beautifully on their micro-budget this films raw, powerful talent and moving story.


Winner of Best Film, Best Director and Best actor in the 2013 Playhouse West Film Festival. 

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