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Press & Media Coverage

Just below are some recent press and media coverage for SKS projects. 

Sweet Micky for President Wins Jury & Audience Awards at Slamdance 2015

The 31st Sundance Film Festival won’t be handing out its Awards until January 31, but tonight the 21st Slamdance Film Festival gave out its trophies in the Audience, Jury, and Sponsored Categories. With a film by a former member of the Fugees among the winners, the ceremony was at the Treasure Mountain Inn on Main Street in Park City.

Read the full article here:

Why the Slamdance Film Festival Remains Vital after 21 Years

Comeback stories arose as a prevalent (if accidental) theme within the doc section this year. Taking home the Jury Award for Documentary Feature was Ben Patterson’s "Sweet Micky for President," which follows former Fugees member Pras Michel as he returns to his Haitian roots to spearhead the presidential campaign of Michel Martelly — the country’s most controversial musician better known as "Sweet Micky." Click here to read the full article:

VICE features article on Slamdance 2015 film Dolphin Lover

VICE interviews Miami filmmakers Joey Daoud and Kareem Tabsch about Dolphin Lover, their 15-minute short film which just premiered at Slamdance on January 25. Click here to read the full article:

Sweet Micky for President sets Slamdance Premier


SK is proud to represent the sales on the documentary film Sweet Micky for President which will premier at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. With the help of Pras Michel of the Fugees, presidential candidate Michel Martelly, aka Sweet Micky, campaigns against all odds in Haiti’s third ever democratic election. SMFP is Executive Produced by Marlon Wayans and Michel Pras. Click to read the Variety announcement:

Ryan Philippe has a very important message for you


Ryan Phillippe is extending his hand (and voice) almost 7,000 miles from Hollywood to West Papua.

In a new PSA for the Isolated Ambassador for Peace campaign, the actor and father of three urges the western world to take action to stop what he calls the Indonesian military's genocide of the Papuan population. Click here to read the full article:

Ryan Phillippe talks Isolated on Piers Morgan Live on CNN

CNN's Piers Morgan interviews Isolated Executive Producer's Ryan Phillippe and Geoff Clark about using celebrity influence to help causes, and how they plan to help the people of West Papua. 

Click here to read the full article and see the interview: reviews Isolated as " non-fiction film of 2013"!

According to Phil Hall at, “Isolated achieves the extraordinary feats of subtlety. It is a political film, to be certain, but it is never strident in getting its message across. This is an engrossing, enriching, sometimes humorous and often heartbreaking celebration of the human spirit and the power of nature. I know that we have another six months to go before the year expires, but I am willing to sail out into dangerous waters and happily proclaim that Isolated is the best non-fiction film of 2013." Read the review at: features why Ryan Phillippe started twitter to bring awareness

Welcome Ryan Phillippe to the world of Twitter! The 38-year-old actor joined the social network to help promote his new documentary Isolated, which follows five world class surfers as they travel to New Guinea in search of undiscovered waves, but end up discovering so much more. Ryan and the film’s executive producer Geoff Clark made an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight this week to chat about the new film.

Full article:


Rolling Stone Magazine features Isolated

Rolling Stone Magazine features one full page in the recent August issue about the story behind making ISOLATED, and why the film was one of the most ambitious documentaries ever made. Story by Sacha Lecca.

These Pro Surfers went looking for waves and found Genocide instead

It all started with a simple surf trip, just a few world class big wave surfers trying to find an unclaimed break in a world where they’ve all but vanished.

They are modern day explorers — feral surfers as they’re known — and they step off the well-trodden path to seek out surfing at its purest.

But when Travis Potter, Jenny Useldinger, Andrew Mooney, Josh Fuller, and Jimmy Rotherham headed to West Papua looking for massive, unsullied waves, they instead stumbled headlong into an alarming conflict that would radically upend their priorities. Read the article at:

Marc Malkin and Ryan Phillippe talk Isolated from the Maui film Festival

E! News reporter Marc Malkin interviews Isolated Executive Producer and Narrator Ryan Phillippe minutes before the film screened at the 2013 Maui Film Festival. Ryan and Marc discuss why the film is important and how we can all help create peace.  Click here to read the full article and watch the interview:


The Essence of Surfing featured on

Executive Producer Dan Moore and Director Phil Waller talk on the Extreme Sports panel at the 2nd Annual LA Costa Film Festival.

Read the full article here:



The Arena: North Shore now available on all VOD Platforms

After airing on FuelTV for 3 years, and being distributed on VOD in over 75 countries, The Arena: North Shore is now available on iTunes and Vimeo worldwide. If you love the North Shore and surfing, this film is for you! Buy or rent it today!

Vimeo In Demand:



SKS Partner Geoff Clark on KCAL9 Morning News

Ryan Phillippe & Geoff Clark on Piers Morgan Live discussing Human Rights Issues in Isolated

Isolated featured on


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